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Handling Change

Life confronts us with a continuous unfolding of events and changes. It is a process of learning we have to deal with.


There are times in life when handling these events and changes weigh heavier upon us. Often, in these times especially, much can be learned. Rediscovering your own strengths and resilience can transform a difficult period into a valuable learning experience.


For people confronted with change (in work or private life)it is important to find

the answers to the following questions:


How are previous experiences and convictions limiting me?

How do I handle myself when confronted with change?

How can I free myself from set patterns of behaviour?

Which role do I play in these processes, which role do I choose to play?


The conversational methods and exercises used in the coaching sessions will lead you to your personal answers to these questions.


‘Wishes’ become ‘actions’, ‘actions’ lead to ‘being’: start leading the life you want!