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Max Maxwell


Max Maxwell can look back on twenty years of experience with work processes and change management. His primary focus has always been the interaction between people in these processes.


After acquiring a broad clinical experience as a medical doctor, work within a pharmaceutical company and scientific research at the medical faculty in Rotterdam, Maxwell worked as a certified occupational health physician for ten years.

Working as account manager for the largest clients of an occupational health company he acquired experience in the commercial field. Years of management experience and coaching of employees gave him insight into those aspects that make individuals successful in their personal performance. As senior manager he was involved in the development of company vision and strategy and implementation thereof by laying his focus on group dynamic processes that enhance working cooperatively and effectively.


The methods Maxwell uses are, amongst others, Neurolinguistic Programming (certified NLP Master Practitioner; NLP Master Coach) and solution focussed conversational techniques.


Max Maxwell is bilingual, which enables him to provide in depth coaching and training for English and Dutch speaking clients.


Maxwell is married and is the father of two daughters.