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Professional Partnerships


Professional partnerships bring people together who have a variation of talents and harbour different expectations.

Some professionals find motivation in the true content of their work, whereas others are possibly more interested in procedural, organisational or financial aspects of the partnership.


Professionals and their partnerships are increasingly subject to scrutiny by clients, politicians and general opinion.

This increase in external pressure can lead to the retreat of professionals to their own interests of preference.

Surfacing discrepancies in mutual expectations and perceived realities, can lead to an increase of internal pressure within the partnership.


Through a process of redefining focus and shared values, a renewed strong basis for the partnership can be built.


In which ways can individual partners support or enhance one anotherís talents?

What are the individual talents and strengths of the group members?


Participating in a group training as a partnership, focussing on the above topics, will lead to new synergy and increasing success of your partnership.