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Effective teamwork


Is your management team an example for your employees?

Does the team work together effectively, based on mutual trust? Is the team bringing out the best qualities of each individual member of the team? Is it a team or just a group of individuals striving to meet their individual goals?


For a team to be successful, it is important that the common goals are explicitly clear and which path has been chosen to attain those goals. With the goals set clearly, the team must optimise time and talents to become as effective as possible.


Do the individual members know each others qualities and talents?

Are complementary talents utilised when starting projects?

What can team members learn from one another?

Do team members honour team deadlines?

Is there a basic trust amongst the team members so that relevant issues are addressed when necessary?


Participating in a training which addresses aforementioned issues as a management team, can create a basis of mutual trust. Team effectiveness and output will increase by combining appropriate qualities of team members when embarking on new projects.


A management team voicing clear objectives and displaying mutual trust in each other and the common goals and policies, will inspire confidence and improve results in the workplace.